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Getting Dressed Up and Drinking Beer in a Traditional Basotho Village

Basotho music

The rolling grasslands sprawled out to the left and right as we drove along the twisting road that carved it’s way through the surroundings. Various species of bok grazed on the surprisingly green, rain-starved grass, and jagged peaks speared skywards, their sandstone exteriors glistening gold in the morning sun. We followed the tick, tick, tick […] Read more…

That Time I Dressed up as a Hobbit in Hogsback

Hogsback, South Africa, Lord of the Rings

“The wide world is all around you. You can fence yourself in, but you cannot forever fence it out.” ― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings The drive from Coffee Bay to Hogsback, South Africa, was spectacular. We passed small, friendly villages and the kind of scenery that makes you catch your breath. As […] Read more…

Unusual South African Cuisine

Throughout my trip to South Africa my diet mainly consisted of salad and rice. However, I did manage to try a few regional delicacies which was a huge step for me as I am usually an extremely fussy eater – not anymore though! Ostrich Burgers In the Oudtshoorn region of South Africa, Ostriches are everywhere […] Read more…

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