A Photo Essay of Picturesque Piran, Slovenia

I’ve gone a bit Slovenia mad on the blog this past week, but if you know how beautiful a country it is you will completely understand my praise-filled campaign! I haven’t finished yet, though. Oh no. I’m only just getting started.

I enjoyed every single thing I did in Slovenia, from visiting Predjama Castle, to taking a buggy ride along the coast towards Croatia, but my favourite of all had to be exploring the old town of Piran. Perching on a jutting peninsula along Slovenia’s 47km of coastline, Piran is a little pocket of tranquility with great views, great food, and great people (much like the rest of Slovenia, then!).

Words aren’t really enough to describe its beauty, so I’m using photos to illustrate my very forceful point.

Piran, Slovenia, things to do in SloveniaAs you come into Piran from the Portoroz side, you are greeted by a tiny little harbour that features shoals and shoals of fish (and jellyfish), as well as exceptionally clear waters.

Piran, things to do in SloveniaBe careful not to fall off the edge when trying to dodge passing cars, buses, and bikes, though.

Piran square, SloveniaPiran’s focal point is this extremely clean and colourful square. Around the edge there are colourful buildings with some intricate architectural details (see that red one in the middle?) as well as a number of bars and restaurants (slightly pricier than places outside of the square – be warned).

Piran square, SloveniaIf you’re lucky you might get to see the set for a French film set in the 1920s like I did… Old wooden stalls decked out with elaborate vases and colourful lanterns suggested it was set up as a market scene in somewhere like Morocco. I loved the old cars they had shipped in for it, too.

Piran, Slovenia, things to do in Slovenia

Branching off from the main square, there are many twisting alleyways full of little surprises. This photo was taken just outside a temporary art gallery that I was visiting. I particularly enjoyed the peeling paint and lone plant.

art gallery Piran, Slovenia

And here’s the delightful, handmade sign pointing to the exhibition I was visiting. No giant, intrusive posters here.

Piran, Slovenia, things to do in SloveniaMany of the alleyways looked like this, with small local pubs and cafes tucked away through doorways here and there. You can tell it was probably once a more colourful town, but I quite liked the worn, peeling look it now has.

Piran, things to do in SloveniaIf you climb the bell tower set back a bit from the square, you get amazing views across the town and all the way across to Slovenia’s neighbours, Italy and Croatia.

Piran, things to do in SloveniaIf you keep walking along the coast you reach the point of the peninsula, which is very quiet and extremely picturesque (for lack of a better word).

Piran, things to do in SloveniaA small, modest church sits near the end of the peninsula, in font of some amazingly colourful apartment blocks. Again, I was amazed by how clean and well-kept the area was.

Piran, things to do in SloveniaThe church wasn’t open when I went, but you could look through the barred door inside.

Piran, things to do in SloveniaAll along the coastline of Piran you can see weird and wonderful sights, like this elderly local dabbling in a bit of fishing. I saw a number of yacht races there, too, with numerous huge vessels steaming around the peninsula.

Piran, things to do in Slovenia

Here are some of those colourful houses that sit at the end of the peninsula. How lovely would it be to live in one of these?!

Piran, things to see in SloveniaPiran is filled with lots of blink-and-you’ll-miss-it details, like this mermaid sculpture carved out of the stone rocks that surround the peninsula.

I have so say Piran, and Slovenia as a whole, has been one of the most beautiful, underrated places I have been to so far on my travels. As I stated in a post last week, it may well be my new favourite place and I challenge you to think otherwise if you get the chance to go!

So, what do you think of Piran? Have you been? Would you love to go?

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12 replies

  1. Wow, it’s great to read so many beautiful things about our home country :)
    Piran is one of our most beautifuk towns. It’s very picturesque. We’ve been there numerous times, but have never seen the mermaid statue :)

  2. You’ve just about persuaded me to visit Piran. You can get there by hydrofoil from Trieste, which is quite easy and cheap to fly to from Birmingham on Ryanair, so I’d better get booking…

  3. Slovakia, Croatia, and Slovenia are indeed countries that are highly rated by many, and clearly, with good reasons. SOLD! :) Thanks for writing about Piran, Lizzie!

  4. I’m the girl who used to live in one of those colourful houses on peninsula… Actually, I was spending my summers there. It is nice to be reminded of those childhood explorations by these photos.

  5. Lizzie,
    I’ll be in Piran, Trieste, Lake Bled and Ljubljana during the second week of September. Just yesterday I was deciding to spend two days in Piran and I should try the hydrofoil for Trieste, which I found out reading here. Does anybody know the hydrofoil schedule and cost?.
    I’m happy I came across your Wonderful World site full of tips, great pictures and useful comments!

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