A Short Guide to Slovenia in 10 Articles


As most of you now know I absolutely love Slovenia, which I emphasised in a post last week that proved to be extremely popular. Locals and travellers to the country have left me messages stating their strong feelings about Slovenia (and there are one or two that actually don’t like it, as hard as that is to understand).

For those of you who do love Slovenia, or who are yet to go but really want to now you’ve read all the hype about it, I’ve collected 10 of my favourite articles about the country that can act as a short, very well-written guide to Slovenia!

guide to Slovenia, what to do in Slovenia

Just to tickle your taste-buds, here are a few articles that will first of all get you excited about the beautiful scenery and landscapes there…

Slovenia: a modern Ruritania at the crossroads of Southern Europe

This post highlights the historic and adventurous activities that you can get up to in Slovenia, all set against a backdrop of lush, green rolling hills, and cute, cobbled towns.

The Hidden Paradise of Slovenia

Slovenia boasts almost every single kind of landscape imaginable, bar deserts and dry, arid steppes (and probably a few more). You can find soaring, snowy mountains, warm beaches, dense forests, and welcoming vineyards amongst others, as this article so eloquently points out.

Exploring Slovenia’s Undiscovered Towns

Piran, a small town on the short coast of Slovenia, was perhaps my favourite place I visited during my time in the country. It’s not unique, though, as Slovenia has numerous quirky, quaint, and amazingly beautiful little towns dotted throughout it. One of its main appeals, I say!

guide to Slovenia, things to do in Slovenia

It’s not just the landscapes that are varied in Slovenia, either. You can expect a diverse range of weather conditions, too. Slovenia actually hit the headlines in Europe earlier this year after it was attacked by freak winds and snow hitting the western side of the country.

With Wind Calm, Serenity in Slovenia

Although this year’s winds were considered extraordinary, the Vipava Valley region sees seasonal winds called the Bora every year. This article gets right into the epicentre of the winds, as well as weaves in local stories throughout.

Perceptions of Landscape

The landscape in Slovenia also plays a huge part in literature, poetry, and art from the country. This article digs into how the dipping hills, snow-capped mountains, and thick forests have inspired many a folk tale in Slovenia.

Guide to Slovenia, things to do in Slovenia, visiting SLovenia

Now we’ve looked at the landscape, let’s take a gander at Slovenia’s cuisine. In all honesty, I had no idea what I’d be eating for dinner when I went to Slovenia. I imagined it would be similar to the cuisine in the rest of that part of the world – hearty stews and an extra helping of meat. Whilst there are many dishes that do incorporate these ingredients, there is actually a massive influence from their Italian neighbour, too. In fact, you can find pizza and pasta in pretty much any eatery – and they’re blooming good!

Slovenia’s Culinary Surprises 

This is by no means a comprehensive look into the cuisine in Slovenia, but it offers a broad oversight to the kinds of things you can expect to find on menus throughout the country.

Vegetarian Survival Guide to Slovenia

I’m not a vegetarian, but if you are you might feel a bit put off by the promise of so much meat. However, there is a strong veggie scene in the country, and you’ll be able to find all manner of tasty meat-free dishes in every region.

Food out of the way, let’s hit accommodation…

Spotlight on Group Hostels in Slovenia

I completely recommend renting a house or apartment for a week, which is exactly what I did. I find it helps you get closer to local life and is almost always cheaper than a hotel. If, however, you’re travelling alone then a hostel might be the best bet. They’re great for meeting people and are usually located in pretty central areas.

Guide to Slovenia, things to do in Slovenia

If these haven’t convinced you…

5 Reasons Why You Should Love Slovenia

If in some weird turn of events the above articles haven’t managed to get your whiskers quivering about Slovenia, then this post lays out five reasons why should absolutely fall in love with the country. I challenge you to prove it wrong!

The 10th article is a bit of a bonus one…

Marjetica Potrc on Socially Engaged Art in Slovenia and Beyond

As a lot of you may know, I’m a huge fan of art and love exploring the creative scene of every place I visit. This article is an in-depth piece about the general art scene in Slovenia, with a particular focus on – you guessed it – socially engaged art. It also covers places outside of Slovenia, like Caracas, which is why this should be considered a bonus!

Have you been to Slovenia? Did you fall in love with it? Let us know in the comments below!

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    I was in Ljubljana a few weeks ago. Loved it!

  3. Wonderful collection of great articles. It’s nice to see them bind together like this.

  4. Bob R says:

    Glad to hear you enjoyed. I’ve lived here for 10 years –born here but spent much of my life in the US– and it’s quite nice to run across people who are pleasantly surprised with what they find.

    Also nice to see that you like Piran, the town where I was born that that gave my blog its name. 🙂

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      I’m yet to find someone who doesn’t love Slovenia (well, except for one commenter here)! Piran was probably my favourite place that I visited… So beautiful and peaceful.

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