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  • ups and downs of freelancing

    The Ups and Downs of Freelancing: August Recap

    Oh man, seriously! August slipped through my fingers quicker than anything and I’m still not quite sure how I’m sitting here on the 1st September writing this post after it feels like I wrote last month’s recap just yesterday. It was actually my 25th birthday yesterday and I had a great weekend spending time with […] Read more…

  • time away from the internet

    What I Learned From Spending Time Away From the Internet (Sort Of)

    “Lizzie, do you really need to be on your phone at this time?” “I’m emailing a client,” I replied to my mum who was sitting on the sofa next to me in our holiday cottage in Yorkshire. It was almost 11pm and I was responding to a client offer after a day spent hiking, eating, […] Read more…

Latest Freelancing and Writing Tips

  • freelancer rates

    The Tricky Task of Discussing Your Freelancer Rates with Clients

    Money is a touchy subject that I’m not sure anyone is fully comfortable talking about. You see all these blog posts that hark on about how much you SHOULD be paid but rarely do people get into the nitty gritty of the numbers. It’s frustrating. It’s annoying. And it’s disconcerting, especially if you’ve just started […] Read more…

  • Freelancing mojo

    When Life Gives You Lemons: How to Get Your Freelancing Mojo Back

    This week has not been a good week for me freelance-wise. Well, let’s extend that to the last month, shall we? The last month has not been good for my freelance-wise. As well as some family problems that have been taking up a lot of my time and energy, I’ve pretty much lost one of […] Read more…

Latest Travel and Adventure Tips

  • cafes in berlin

    7 Quirky Cafes in Berlin for Creatives

    There’s usually two main reasons for drinking coffee in Berlin. You’ve either been out all night enjoying the non-stop party scene and you need a little something to kick start your day, or you’re looking for a space to set up camp and crack on with some work. During my time strolling the streets of […] Read more…

  • Guide to Berlin

    Beer and Backstreets: A Cultural and Creative Guide to Berlin

    Berlin is a city with many nuances. Its history is some of the most tragic in the world, but its prowess in the present day seems to make up for its sorrow-filled past without forgetting where it came from. This is the kind of city I like. The kind of city I fall in love […] Read more…

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