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Latest Love Your Lifestyle Posts

  • work from home

    How to Work From Home Without Going Stir Crazy

    Sometimes I talk to myself. Sometimes I talk to myself more than I’ll talk to anyone else in a given day. Sometimes, I start to think talking to myself is normal. This might well be a sign that I’m fast heading for crazy-land, but it’s more likely that it’s a result of working from home. […] Read more…

  • moving to spain

    6 No-Brainer Reasons Why I’m Excited About Moving to Spain (Again)

    In my August recap the other day I made a little bit of an announcement. I didn’t want to go into too much detail there because I think it deserves its own post entirely. I mean, I don’t want to push it into a corner or anything. In fact, I want to sing it from […] Read more…

Latest Freelancing and Writing Tips

  • market your freelance services

    Market Your Freelance Services: 5 Things You Can do Right Now

    If you’re a freelancer you literally have to be the most proactive person in the universe. There’s no room for kicking back and relaxing with a cuppa. There’s always work to be done! Even if there’s no actual work to be done, you could be out there marketing your freelance services. Oh look, I’ve only […] Read more…

  • Working for free

    Let’s Talk About Working For Free: Should You? Shouldn’t You?

    When you’re a freelancer there’s always a big pink elephant in the room. It stands over you caressing your face with its hairy trunk when you’re on call to a client and it spears you in the chest with its tusk when you see the PERFECT job ad, only to realise it’s for no pay. […] Read more…

Latest Travel and Adventure Tips

  • cafes in berlin

    7 Quirky Cafes in Berlin for Creatives

    There’s usually two main reasons for drinking coffee in Berlin. You’ve either been out all night enjoying the non-stop party scene and you need a little something to kick start your day, or you’re looking for a space to set up camp and crack on with some work. During my time strolling the streets of […] Read more…

  • Guide to Berlin

    Beer and Backstreets: A Cultural and Creative Guide to Berlin

    Berlin is a city with many nuances. Its history is some of the most tragic in the world, but its prowess in the present day seems to make up for its sorrow-filled past without forgetting where it came from. This is the kind of city I like. The kind of city I fall in love […] Read more…

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