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  • Life of a freelance travel writer

    A Day in the Life of a Freelance Travel Writer (A.K.A. Me)

    A lot of people think that writers wake up late, hit the whiskey before noon, and party into the small hours of the morning. Whilst I’d like to say this is true for the sake of Hollywood movies and the legacy of Hemingway, this isn’t the case. Or, it’s not the case for me, at […] Read more…

  • teaching english in europe

    Live the Dream: How to Start Teaching English in Europe

    Hey guys, as an attempt to cover as many facets of the travel lifestyle, I’ve asked my boyfriend, Johan, to write a piece about how to start teaching English in Europe. Johan has 6 years experience teaching English as a foreign language and has been an ADoS (Assistant Director of Studies), too. Last year he moved […] Read more…

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    5 More Creative Ways to Make Money Blogging Whilst You Travel

    I love attending conferences. I really do. I think they’re great places for meeting likeminded individuals and for bouncing ideas off one another (and, of course, having a drink, or two, or three). I went to TBEX (Travel Blog Exchange) at the weekend in Lloret de Mar – a coastal town in the Costa Brava […] Read more…

  • different types of travel writing jobs

    The Different Types of Travel Writing Jobs Out There

    It’s no secret that travel writing has changed in the past few years thanks to the exorbitant rise of online publications touting top ten lists. Information overload is well and truly upon us (anyone else’s shoulders feel particularly weighed down?) and it’s like swimming through treacle trying to get some kind of breathing space. This […] Read more…

Latest Travel Tips

  • ways to travel more

    8 Easy Ways to Travel More This Summer

    If I had a pound for every time someone said they wished they were going away this summer, well, I’d probably be able to buy an extra pint of milk a week. I think it’s safe to assume that most people enjoy a good old fashioned summer holiday, but with prices rocketing in the warmer […] Read more…

  • Guide to Copenhagen

    A Contemporary Guide to Copenhagen in 11 Articles

    I love Copenhagen. There, I said it. It’s a city with such a happy, shiny personality that it’s difficult NOT to fall in love with it on first impressions alone. I won’t reel off all of the things I found great about it, but let me just say it was one of the friendliest, safest, […] Read more…

Latest Stories and Storytelling

  • Cover

    Pinterest Travel Stories: Norway

    So here’s this creative idea I had. I constantly find myself being sucked into the beautiful and quite frankly unrealistic world of Pinterest for hours on end – do you have this problem?! Once I’m in, it’s like wading through treacle to get back out, so I thought I’d put those hours of scrolling to […] Read more…

  • Guide to Barcelona

    A Brief Guide to Barcelona in 9 Stories and Articles

    This guide to Barcelona isn’t your average guide. Instead of reeling off the ‘top ten things to do…’ or the ‘5 best places to eat…’ it will delve a little deeper into experiences that have taken place in the city. Instead of merely listing a load of things you can do there, I’ve decided to […] Read more…

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