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  • How and when to quit your job

    How and When to Quit Your Job to Travel

    This post is part of the ‘quit your job to travel’ series which walks you through the steps you’ll need to take to make this life-changing decision. As I mentioned before, quitting your job to travel may not be for you – it’s certainly not for everyone – but if it is and you need […] Read more…

  • How to save money fast

    Quit Your Job to Travel: How to Save Money Fast With These Secret Tips

    Okay, so last week we discussed whether quitting your job to travel is the right thing for you (is it? Let me know in the comments!). This week we’re going to touch on money because, who doesn’t like money, right? There are an incredible amount of blogs and sites out there preaching about travelling on […] Read more…

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Latest Travel Tips

  • weekend city breaks in Europe

    How to Choose the Best Weekend City Breaks in Europe For You

    As most of you know, I’m a big lover of short weekend city breaks in Europe and I’ve been on a fair few in the past couple of years, from Bruges and Barcelona to Copenhagen and Lisbon. There’s something so alluring about stepping into another world for a few days, exploring new sights, tastes, and […] Read more…

  • Slovenia smaller

    50 Things to Love About Slovenia

    It’s about time I waxed lyrical about Slovenia again, isn’t it? I visited almost a year ago and it’s probably the only place that has completely and utterly stolen my heart from the very first moment. It’s sneaky like that – be warned. In fact, I was racking my brains trying to think of something […] Read more…

Latest Stories and Storytelling

  • Cover

    Pinterest Travel Stories: Norway

    So here’s this creative idea I had. I constantly find myself being sucked into the beautiful and quite frankly unrealistic world of Pinterest for hours on end – do you have this problem?! Once I’m in, it’s like wading through treacle to get back out, so I thought I’d put those hours of scrolling to […] Read more…

  • Guide to Barcelona

    A Brief Guide to Barcelona in 9 Stories and Articles

    This guide to Barcelona isn’t your average guide. Instead of reeling off the ‘top ten things to do…’ or the ‘5 best places to eat…’ it will delve a little deeper into experiences that have taken place in the city. Instead of merely listing a load of things you can do there, I’ve decided to […] Read more…

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