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  • july recap smaller

    Freelance and Travel Lifestyle: July Recap

    I like reading monthly recaps that delve into peoples’ lives, don’t you? There’s something enticing about seeing how others live, so imma indulge you guys in this from now on… Lucky you! Instead of just an “I did this, this, this, this, and this” type post each month, I’m going to cover my life as […] Read more…

  • starting a blog

    How Starting a Blog Can Instantly Boost Your Writing Career

    It seems that the world and his/her wife has a blog these days, doesn’t it? There’s enough people harking on about their cats or discussing their daily diets to keep procrastination levels sky high, and it seems like the whole blogosphere is so over-saturated it’s in fear of collapsing completely. Yes, there’s a lot of […] Read more…

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    The Future of Wanderful World is in Your Hands!

    We need to talk. Do those words bring you out in a cold sweat like they do to me? No, just me… okay. Anyway, we really do need to talk. Wanderful World started as a travel blog to document my various hoorahs around Europe and beyond. I travel much less now. I mean, I’ve just […] Read more…

  • Successful freelance writer

    7 Qualities of a Successful Freelance Writer

    Being a freelance writer is the dream for a lot of people. Waking up at noon, whacking out a sentence or two and getting paid for it doesn’t seem like such a shoddy lifestyle, does it? But whilst there are many good points about being a freelance writer, it’s definitely not all sunshine, rainbows and […] Read more…

Latest Travel Tips

  • Guide to Berlin

    Beer and Backstreets: A Cultural and Creative Guide to Berlin

    Berlin is a city with many nuances. Its history is some of the most tragic in the world, but its prowess in the present day seems to make up for its sorrow-filled past without forgetting where it came from. This is the kind of city I like. The kind of city I fall in love […] Read more…

  • ways to travel more

    8 Easy Ways to Travel More This Summer

    If I had a pound for every time someone said they wished they were going away this summer, well, I’d probably be able to buy an extra pint of milk a week. I think it’s safe to assume that most people enjoy a good old fashioned summer holiday, but with prices rocketing in the warmer […] Read more…

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  • Cover

    Pinterest Travel Stories: Norway

    So here’s this creative idea I had. I constantly find myself being sucked into the beautiful and quite frankly unrealistic world of Pinterest for hours on end – do you have this problem?! Once I’m in, it’s like wading through treacle to get back out, so I thought I’d put those hours of scrolling to […] Read more…

  • Guide to Barcelona

    A Brief Guide to Barcelona in 9 Stories and Articles

    This guide to Barcelona isn’t your average guide. Instead of reeling off the ‘top ten things to do…’ or the ‘5 best places to eat…’ it will delve a little deeper into experiences that have taken place in the city. Instead of merely listing a load of things you can do there, I’ve decided to […] Read more…

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