Living Abroad: Things I Miss About England

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I’ve been in Spain for almost three months now (where has that time gone!), and I’m getting into the flow of life here. The much, much slower flow of life. It hasn’t been too difficult to adjust, but there are some things that have taken longer than usual to get used to (shops being shut for the best part of…

A Guide to the Neighbourhoods in Lisbon

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Neighbourhoods in Lisbon

As I mentioned in a previous post, Lisbon is a mix of multiple neighbourhoods that each harbour their own characteristics. They’re kind of like miniature cities in themselves, boasting a selection of great things to do, places to eat, and quirky atmospheres. Stepping from one to another is akin to being transported to another world entirely, opening up new experiences…

How To Stay Motivated Whilst Writing

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Since taking my writing freelance a few months ago, I’ve found that motivation is the most important thing to harness as my own boss. It’s the same for the novel I’m writing. But it’s always easier said than done, right? Motivation is that elusive word that combines all sorts of meanings – it can mean keeping an interest in something,…

Getting Cultured in Belem, Lisbon

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In Portuguese, the word Belem is a derivative of the word Bethlehem – in other words, a lot to live up to. It’s certainly not a holy pilgrimage site like its namesake, but it still sees hundreds and thousands of visitors every year. Visitors who are eager to learn about the culture of Lisbon. Visitors who are on a quest…

New Design: The Ideas Behind Wanderful World’s Makeover


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You may or may not have noticed that Wanderful World has had a bit of a makeover this past week. There’s a new layout, new header, and new ideologies behind it (more on this in a bit). I started Wanderful World almost three years ago as a place to write stories about my travels. It was just a hobby site;…

Language Barriers: Living in a Place Where You Don’t Speak the Language


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“Un momento,” the waitress said, turning and walking away. I thought she’d said something completely different that I won’t repeat here because it doesn’t sound at all similar. Instead of waiting, please, like she had asked, I followed her like a lost child. “Un momento, por favour,” she said again, turning round and guiding me back to the front of…

Finding a Fairytale in Brasov


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Mention Romania, and Transylvania in particular, and there’s bound to be some mutterings about vampires. The area is famous for the tales and legends of Dracula, and it’s become a bit of a cult phenomenon. I was eagerly anticipating the vampire hoo-ha when I travelled to Brasov – at the centre of Transylvania. I soon realised, however, that Brasov is not…

Life as a Freelance Travel Writer: One Month in Spain

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“How’s Spain?” Everyone asked me this week when I was back in the UK. “It’s great. Really great,” was my answer. Because what do you say when you can’t quite put into words the massive change and upheaval that moving abroad brings? Yes, it is great. It’s really, really great. But it’s so much more than that, too. It’s a…

Figueres: An Arty Day Trip from Barcelona

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I’ve been in Igualada for a month now and have finally managed to get everything sorted. Everything, that is, except the internet, which is just fantastic for an online freelance writer! Nevertheless, I’ve been chasing WiFi around the small town and have been coping so far. Now that I’m settled, let the exploring commence! It was always my plan to…