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I want to be a freelancer

I want to be a freelancer

Do you feel like there’s so much more to life than working 9-5 for someone else? It’s time you became a freelancer. With Wanderful World’s selection of free and paid courses, you’ll have everything you need to go from clueless to first client in no time.

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Want More Clients? You know, the ones that pay *well*?


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I want to join the creative community
I want to join the creative community

Do you relish the thought of bouncing creative ideas around with fellow freelancers? Come join the Creative Freelancers Unite community on Facebook to find fellow freelancing friends and share your work.

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I want to read about freelancing
I want to read about freelancing

Want to learn how to land your first client? How about why branding is so important for freelancers? Head over to the blog for actionable advice and step-by-step guides that have helped thousands of freelancers already.

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Build warm connections with long-term, lucrative clients using the Pitch & Prosper system!

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  • A compelling pitch that's geared towards conversions?
  • A step-by-step process to finding an abundance of prospects in a profitable niche?
  • A better understanding of what makes the pitching process a success?
  • A clear way to build up a prospect list of warm leads that can't wait to snap up your services?

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Lizzie Davey - Wanderful WorldHey, I’m Lizzie! I help budding freelancers create long-term lucrative businesses with actionable content and easy-to-understand advice.

In 2014 I had one month to find enough freelance clients to replace my day-job income after a rash decision to move abroad. I now work half the hours I did in my 9-5, earn three times as much, and spend my days writing for clients I absolutely love!

And I want to show you how this is totally possible for you, too!

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